Alessandro Antonelli

Alessandro Antonelli

2010 Lecturer in Economics and Finance

[email protected]

Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 1978
M.A., City University of New York, 1981
P.M.D, Harvard University, HBS, 1986

Professor Alessandro Antonelli studied economics, business administration, finance and management at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” the City University of New York and the Harvard Graduate School of Business, Boston. 

He has been working in various fields of finance for over 30 years, half of which spent in senior management positions within the largest Italian industrial and banking groups, distinguished by their wide domestic and international scope (Istituto di Ricostruzione Industriale IRI-Cofiri; UniCredit Group-Capitalia/Banco di Sicilia/Banca di Roma).

Professor Antonelli is a member of nonprofit organizations and carries out teaching activities and project management advisory in support of executives and institutions.

At JCU Professor Antonelli has taught International Economics, Financial Institutions and Capital Markets, International Finance, Money, Banking and Capital Markets, Introduction to Derivatives, and Intermediate Macroeconomics, as well as courses in the Professional and Continuing Education Master "Finanza e Strategia Aziendale." He has also taught at St. John’s University (Tobin College of Business, MBA) in NY, Villanova University (School of Business) in Pennsylvania, and LUISS University (Business Department) in Rome.

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