Aidan Fadden

Aidan Fadden

2012 Lecturer in English

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B.A., The University of Wales, Bangor
M.A.,The Queen’s University of Belfast

Aidan Fadden holds a B.A. in English Literature from The University of Wales, Bangor and an M.A. in Modern Literary Studies from The Queen’s University of Belfast.

He has published poetry in a wide range of magazines and journals including Stand, The North, Magma, Orbis (UK) Pagine, Sagarana and Kuma (Italy) and online in The Galway Review and InkSweat&Tears. Aidan Fadden taught for several years at the University of Aston, UK, at the Centro Linguistico dell’Università degli studi di Roma Tre and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). In 2012, he joined the English Department at John Cabot University, where he teaches English Composition and Creative Writing.

Writing as Aidan Conway he has published two novels: A Known Evil (Harper Collins, 2018) and A Cold Flame (Harper Collins, 2018). He has also written articles on writing for, an online resource for creative writers. In 2019, he appeared at the Noireland International Crime Writing Festival on the panel ‘Brexit Means…?’