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If you are a University of Southern California (USC) transfer applicant, taking your freshman year classes at John Cabot University (JCU) in Rome allows you to enroll in a variety of competitive courses that are transferable to the University of Southern California (USC). This can help prepare you should you successfully transfer to USC in your sophomore year.

JCU recognizes that your priority is to successfully transfer to USC after a year of studying with us in Rome. We work closely with USC to ensure that we offer an ample quantity of competitive courses that can help transfer applicants make progress towards their USC transfer admissions requirements.

JCU also understands that this will be your first year of university. JCU has many freshmen from the US and other countries who will also be starting college a bit farther from home – so you are not alone in your decision to study in Rome!

USC recognizes the value of an extended international experience early on in your college career. When you live and learn in another country, you develop a deeper understanding of and respect for intercultural differences, greater flexibility and adaptability, and an openness to new ideas. These characteristics are valued by companies, organizations, and universities and will distinguish you as you move along in your life and career.

While JCU provides you with the freedom for intellectual and personal growth in a different culture, at the same time, you will be surrounded by the familiar structure of a solid American academic and student service environment. This combination of both ”foreign” and “familiar” is exciting and refreshing. Students who enjoy being
independent, have a strong desire to reflect and learn, and wish to challenge themselves in an international setting, will thrive in this context.

As you explore John Cabot University for your freshmen year, please remember that you may always come back to this dedicated page by going to the John Cabot website and searching under “USC Course Transfers or USC-T.”

Information Session
Please view a recording of the USC Transfer Applicant Info Session here

John Cabot University has been working with USC for many years to develop a set of freshmen and sophomore-year courses that can help USC transfer applicants make progress towards their USC transfer admissions requirements. Founded in Rome in 1972, JCU is an American liberal arts university accredited in the United States by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (www.msche.org).  JCU awards Bachelor of Arts degrees in the fields of business, communications, humanities, and the social sciences. All courses are taught in English, and the academic environment and support are typical of that of a university in the U.S.

JCU values the quality of its academic programs as well as its student support services and its extensive range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. While the academic environment is decidedly American, our location in the historic center of Rome makes learning here unique. Rome is an ancient yet cosmopolitan city that hosts a vast range of international organizations and institutions, UN agencies, as well as embassies to both Italy and the Holy See.

JCU’s diverse student body of over 1,800 students from about 75 countries and 47 U.S. states and its outstanding and dedicated faculty come together in Rome to explore and learn, following the American liberal arts tradition of critical thinking and sharing of knowledge. Class sizes average about 18 students, allowing for an exchange of ideas and opinions within the context of Rome as a global city of cultural heritage, diplomacy, and modernity.

Students who are transfer applicants to USC will not be alone in their educational journey as JCU’s community is welcoming and friendly. You will be housed together with other visiting USC students as well as JCU’s own freshmen so that you are surrounded by opportunities to participate in our residential life activities, forge new friendships, and enjoy the security of JCU housing.

About JCU | Student Enrollment Profile

USC transfer applicant participants should apply to John Cabot University as a “Study Abroad” Student through our JCU Student Portal. Students are required to apply for JCU housing through the same portal once they have been admitted. Students must turn 18 by August 26th, 2024 in order to qualify for the program.

In your application for admission please list under Education – School Name: "USC Transfer Applicant Student." In the ‘date enrolled from’ field please enter 8/15/2025. This will allow us to fast-track your application and receive the required admissions documents directly from USC. 

By applying as a USC Transfer Plan student, you are giving USC permission to exchange admissions documents with JCU. JCU will review your admissions documents in a timely manner and inform you of your admissions status as soon as possible.

Academic Calendar
Admissions: Online application
Housing: Online application

Deadlines for John Cabot University enrollment as a “USC Transfer Applicants Students” are below. Space at JCU may be limited so decisions will be made based on a rolling basis.

USC Transfer Applicants

Application Deadline

Deposit Deadline

Admissions Application

May 1

May 15

Housing Application

May 15

May 15

If you have questions, please contact our Study Abroad Office at [email protected].  

Admission to USC requires a high level of success, and your USC-JCU articulated courses are likely to be more rigorous than those you have experienced in high school. Successfully completing your course transfer plan demands hard work and focus.

During the fall semester at JCU, you may take courses across a wide range of subjects. JCU’s course articulation agreement with USC allows you to take JCU courses that fulfill USC requirements for transfer admissions. Most JCU classes are 3-credit courses. A normal semester course load would be 5 courses for 15 credits. 

In addition to the specific courses that help transfer applicants make progress towards USC transfer admissions requirements such as classes in English and mathematics, JCU offers a large selection of courses which fulfill USC general education requirements. You may select from a variety of courses that allow you to study onsite at some of the most important cultural heritage sites in the world. Or you can select classes that provide greater insight into the social, cultural and political environment of Italy and Europe. Studying with students from all over the world provides you with a rich and unique opportunity to question, learn, and discover international perspectives.

Once your enrollment in JCU is confirmed, you will receive information about online registration. Online registration will start on June 3rd, 2024, at 6:30 pm EST (USA).

USC - JCU Course Transfer ArticulationJCU’s Fall semester schedule of classes

Visiting USC Transfer Applicant students will be housed in one of the JCU residences. All JCU residences have 24/7 security, on-call JCU staff, a staff Resident Director, and a community of Resident Assistants to provide support for students during their stay at JCU. All apartments have WiFi, fully equipped kitchens, bed and bath linens, and a washing machine. There will be at least two USC students in each apartment. Students may request up to three roommates in the housing application. To learn more about JCU Housing options and pricing, please visit our website at: JCU Housing

JCU’s Office of Housing and Residential Life upholds the American belief that students living in a community of their peers benefit both academically and socially. However, JCU differs from a typical dorm-style experience and challenges students to take on the responsibilities that come with living in a fully equipped, independent apartment.  

Beginning with the fall semester in Rome you will register as a full-time study abroad student at John Cabot University paying JCU tuition and fees. Once you confirm your participation, you will begin to receive important pre-arrival information to help prepare for your year in Italy: how to confirm your enrollment, obtain your study visa, reserve your housing preferences, and pay your tuition and fees.

Students who are United States citizens or permanent residents may apply for a private Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan for educational expenses. This is the most common option although some students may find private loans from other organizations. 

Additionally, students may explore the John Cabot University Study Abroad Scholarship. Italian-American students may also consider the Pietro Secchia Scholarship.

In order to study at JCU, you will need to obtain a study visa. Once you are officially enrolled, the University will provide the needed documents and explain the process required to obtain your student visa. Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to study in Italy. Please book your visa appointment right away after receiving your documents through your local Italian Consulate, as appointments book well in advance.

The links below will take you to the relevant sections of the John Cabot University website. 

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Student Consumer Information (N.B. U.S. Federal Financial Aid cannot be used for USC Transfer Plan students)