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Temashengu N. Litchfield-Tshabalala

TEMASHENGU N. LITCHFIELD-TSHABALALA - English Literature/Communications (Class of 2024)

Hometown: Johannesburg/Pretoria, South Africa
I'm from South Africa and Eswatini. Before coming to JCU I thought that being a writer, a filmmaker, a literary critic and a media analyst were disconnected and I couldn't learn or do all of them. At John Cabot University, I had the opportunity to combine such different disciplines. The teaching style, academics and international space continuously open my mind to new concepts, ideas, theories, cultures and experiences. 

Carolina Tellez

CAROLINA TELLEZ - International Affairs (Class of 2022)

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
JCU's multicultural environment takes me out of my comfort zone every single day. By becoming involved in student life, I have nurtured my critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. I came to JCU with the goal of preparing myself to contribute to Mexico’s development, but not only have I gained skills and experiences that will help me in my future career, I have also met incredible classmates who will bring positive change in the world.

Gioia Kunst

Gioia Kunst - Psychological Science (Class of 2024)

Hometown: Los Angeles, U.S.A.
John Cabot University was the perfect fit because I could combine the benefits of living and studying in Italy with the American, liberal arts education system. One of my favorite activities at JCU is the Community Service program. I love getting involved with the Roman community. JCU has become a second home, and every moment – inside and outside the classroom – is filled with adventure. If you want to grow and expand your horizons, then JCU is the place for you!

Ilenia Reale

Ilenia Reale - Communications (Class of 2024)

Hometown: Rome, Italy
I was an exchange student in the U.S.A. during high school and I wanted to continue such an international experience. John Cabot University gave me that opportunity. JCU’s multicultural environment, the engaging extra-curricular activities, and the dedicated professors were all factors that encouraged me to join its inclusive community. Trastevere's beauty, history and quirkiness is inspiring, and I see something new every day!