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Mauro ValentiMauro Valenti

Founder & Managing Partner
H&N Management & Consulting S.r.l.
Expertise: Business models, Finance, International
Area: Europe, North America

Andrea GeremiccaAndrea Geremicca

Expertise: Advertising, Education, Marketing
Area: Europe, North America

Stephanie MitchellStephanie Mitchell

Sunnystorm Marketing
Expertise: Branding, Marketing, Public relations
Area: Europe, North America

Flavio NotariFlavio Notari

Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale
Legalitax Studio Legale e Tributario & BAIA
Expertise: Business models, Corporate governance
Area: Europe, North America

Eugenio La MesaEugenio La Mesa

Traction Management
Expertise: B2B, Business models, Marketing
Area: Europe, North America

Pier Francesco GeraciPier Francesco Geraci

Traction Management
Expertise: Branding, Business models, Marketing
Area: Europe

Roberta AlessandriniRoberta Alessandrini

FILO srl
Expertise: Branding, Business models, Education
Area: Europe

Fabio FilocamoFabio Filocamo

Managing Director
Expertise: Business models, Finance, Venture Capital
Area: Europe, North America

Alessandro AngelettiAlessandro Angeletti

Senior Analyst
LVenture Group
Expertise: Business models, Fundraising, Venture Capital
Area: Europe, North America

Livia Di NardoLivia Di Nardo

Development Director
Junior Achievement Italia
Expertise: Education, Fundraising, Leadership
Area: Europe, North America


Stefano La PeraStefano La Pera

Country Manager and International Advisor
whatchado and HRC Group
Expertise: B2B, Business models, Venture Capital
Area: Europe

Riccardo MattioliRiccardo Mattioli

Expertise: B2B, Business models, Product development
Area: Europe, North America

Laura FabiLaura Fabi

Resintex Technology Srl
Expertise: International, Marketing, Public relations
Area: Europe

Andrea Di RoccoAndrea Di Rocco

Founder, Director
Expertise: Business models, e-Commerce, Marketing
Area: Europe

Nicole FoconeNicole Focone

NFA Trading Company
Expertise: Branding, Public relations, Marketing
Area: Europe, North America

Carlo Guercia SammarcoCarlo Guercia Sammarco

Essence Securities
Expertise: Finance, International, Leadership
Area: Europe, North America

Thabet Al QaissiehThabet Al Qaissieh

CEO/ co-founder
Al Sadeem Group of Companies
Expertise: Education, International, Venture Capital
Area: Australasia, North America

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