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Women's Leadership Initiative

Women's Leadership Initiative

Our goal is to help the JCU community focus on the challenges women face today and find solutions. Although, in most Western countries, women have reached legal equality; the obstacles to real equality have not yet been reached. There are still gender-related issues such as the persistence of stereotypes that discriminate against women in society and within the family, the growing intensity of violence against women, the power of the glass ceiling in the workplace, inequality in the salary scale, and the lack of significant role models for young women. The Women's Leadership Initiative will present opportunities for emerging women leaders to develop the core values, attitudes, and competencies that are the foundation of quality leadership in a professional setting.

Through the Women's Leadership Initiative, we hope to not only develop our own personal leadership skills but that of all members with topics such as effective communication, confidence and above all- equality awareness.

Board Members

Women Leadership Initiative Board

Madeleine Mott - President
Maggie Vlaj - Vice President
Chiara di Salvo - Secretary
Marina Traylor - Events Coordinator
Canseli Yuce - Treasurer 

For more information, please contact [email protected]