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Universities Fighting World Hunger

Universities Fighting World HungerStatement of Purpose

UFWH is part of the international initiative, Universities Fighting World Hunger, which was started in 2004 as a partnership between the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Auburn University. As a member of this initiative, JCU's Universities Fighting World Hunger hopes to be a catalyst within the JCU community to make fighting hunger a core value of our University.


Our Mission is to create a learning environment for the JCU community by raising awareness about global hunger and acting against it to help those in need.


The founding goal is to develop and implement an action agenda for students and faculty that encompasses:

  • hunger awareness and consciousness-raising
  • fundraising
  • advocacy
  • academic initiatives
  • leading to a university community that is fully engaged in the effort to eliminate world hunger

We have the unique opportunity to cooperate directly with the Comitato Italiano per il Programma Alimentare Mondiale (WFP). As a University we will aim to implement academic research on hunger-related issues.

What we do

Here are some ways that UFWH aims to raise awareness and funds to fight world hunger:

  • Petitions
  • Fundraising
  • Educational Sessions
  • Recruiting other Italian Universities to set up Chapters
  • Field Visits

UFWH is also looking to cooperate with non-profit organizations especially through fundraising and providing marketing sustainability advice. Your help is urgently needed. Make a difference in a child's future. Be a part of the JCU UFWH SOLUTION!

Contact us: [email protected]