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STAND is a student-led international NGO founded in 2004 to fight genocide in Darfur, Sudan, from which the acronym STAND (Students Taking Action- Darfur) originates. In 2011, our Rome-based independent organization has extended its mission to various humanitarian aid issues, focusing on improving the lives of refugees and migrants in our community.

The goal of STAND is to raise awareness of human rights violations and social issues both in Rome, where it is based, and around the world. In order to do so, STAND organizes talks to raise awareness on contemporary issues and social inclusion, as well as volunteering at different centers.We continue to do what we have always done: advocate for marginalized groups and raise funds for individuals in need.

What STAND actually does 

Each semester, STAND organizes different activities and volunteering opportunities, both on its own and in collaboration with the Office of Community Service. The purpose of these activities is to raise awareness on social issues and to offer help to those in need within the community. 

Book Fundraiser
Each semester, during the first week of class, STAND holds the book fundraiser. Students at John Cabot University can get their books for classes by donating the money to the communities STAND works strictly in contact with.

Novel Fundraiser
The novel fundraiser has a similar concept to the book fundraiser. The main difference? Students can get novels instead of academic books, and the money is still donated to the local communities.

Each semester STAND organizes several talks with professors or people who work in the humanitarian field to inform STAND members about human rights issues. 

Paint Night 
The paint night is an event in which STAND holds a paint class, either through a step-by-step video or with the help of a special guest. STAND provides all the materials for the night, and the students participating will be able to donate the money required to sign up to an organization that STAND works with.

At the end of each semester, John Cabot’s students can find donation boxes all around campus. What do we do with them? We collect the books that students no longer use so that we can then provide them at the book and novel fundraiser! 

Who does STAND work with? 

The JOEL NAFUMA REFUGEE CENTER is a day center for refugees and asylum seekers to relax, learn, and receive advice in order to achieve their goals. Each week on Fridays a member of the board of STAND brings a group of volunteers from John Cabot to the center. The students who volunteer interact with the guests and organize recreational activities with them.

VO.RE.CO offers a vast array of services including psychological and legal counseling services, breakfast and dinner delivery to the less fortunate, and provides temporary shelter to underprivileged fathers who have children hospitalized at Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù. STAND also sponsors the dinner at the organization, which is then distributed by volunteers of John Cabot University.

TUTTOBLUE Arte e Sociale is a lay voluntary association dedicated to helping disadvantaged people in Rome. STAND provides funds for the breakfast volunteering activities organized twice a week by the Office of Community Service.

Why should you be a part of STAND? 

  • You can learn more about what it means to work in the humanitarian sector and about contemporary human rights issues through our guest interviews.
  • You can learn how to fundraise for nonprofit organizations and your community’s organizations.
  • You can work with international volunteers and organizations.
  • You can get first-hand experience working with humanitarian organizations.

How to contact us

Do you want more information about STAND or sign up for our newsletter? E-mail [email protected]
Do you want to see what we do or what we have done? Follow us on Instagram @standclubjcu

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