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Multicultural Club

Culture is a way of life and the Multicultural Club is an organization which strives to represent the variety of cultures available at John Cabot University.


The purpose of the Multicultural Club is to explore and promote an increased understanding of the various cultures of the world amongst students of John Cabot University. Members of the club will have the opportunity to further their knowledge of the global community through their participation and to foster appreciation at John Cabot University and its community of the different cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, and languages.

What we do

The Multicultural club has a vital role in bringing students together in a friendly, celebratory and educative manner. It fosters the importance of intercultural communication in order to create a stronger community by encouraging students to celebrate their differences while focusing on similarities.

Students involved in the Multicultural club will be learning how to communicate easily with other cultures; learn about the dangers of stereotyping and appreciate the beauty and strength of diversity. The club will sow a seed of intercultural identity in the student body, which they will reap into their professional life.

Would you like to participate in the Multicultural Club at John Cabot University in Rome? Send an email to [email protected]

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