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The Art History Society (AHS) is a community of art enthusiasts associated with and supported by the Department of Art History and Studio Art. We engage with all aspects of the arts: creating, curating, excavating, collecting, conserving, studying, publicizing, and educating, in order to enhance the experience of art. We explore the vast material culture of Rome and Italy, and beyond, through a broad range of activities: gallery, exhibition, and excavation visits; public lectures and events; curatorial engagements; community events; as well as through collaborations with international art and research institutes in Rome.


The Art History Society wants its members to engage with all facets of the art world furthering their knowledge of, and insights to, the significance and possibilities of visual culture.

We aim to:

- Develop initiatives that may act as forums for the exchange of ideas between the JCU community, academics, and art professionals, thus expanding and enriching the academic arena of JCU
- Collaborate with entities within and outside JCU such as international undergraduate universities and renowned research academies
- Create lasting professional and academic networks for students within and outside JCU
- Develop managerial, organizational, and team-working skills through the engagement with academic, professional, and curatorial experience.


Public Events: The Society organizes and coordinates exclusive participation in gallery openings, curator-led exhibition visits, and tours of artists' studios. Public events foster networking among students, artists, and art historians, promoting professional growth.
Lecture Series: The Society's public Lecture Series features international artists, art historians, and art practitioners. The Series acts as a forum for the exchange of academic and artistic insights and ideas, between the JCU community, the public, and art professionals.
4m2 Gallery4m2 Gallery: The Society is the leading curator and manager of the 4m2 Gallery. The Gallery is a temporary exhibit primarily devoted to international artists who are part of the JCU Studio Art faculty.
The Society also manages the virtual permanent Gallery, which gathers and displays the works that have been on view in the physical gallery. This project helps building career skills including: events organization, curatorial work, management, publicity, and educational action. 

For details and to get involved, contact [email protected]

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