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Arab Student AssociationMISSION STATEMENT 

John Cabot’s Arab Student Association aims to create a sense of community for Arabs, Muslims, and all those interested in the Arab world. ASA’s pillars of community, collaboration, and culture are foundational in our club initiatives and efforts. We are constantly working towards cultivating a venue for cultural expression within the diverse community of JCU. Not only do we focus on representation of Arabs/Muslims in the diaspora, but we are also passionate about the importance of connection between various cultures, religions, and general identity markers. 

ASA is interested in promoting the traditions and values of the rich culture that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have to offer. Whether it is a matter of breaking bread with the student body, introducing students to the Arabic language, or holding events relating to common holidays such as Eid, we hold an unwavering passion to promote the MENA region. 

Moreover, ASA also seeks to educate the community on various topics relating to the region. This is done primarily through our Instagram, @asajohncabot, where we continually strive to highlight diverse voices from the Arab world. Ranging from musicians to activists, we believe in the power of giving a platform to underrepresented trailblazers of our region, especially through social media. We also work to expand on a diverse array of media from the region, from music to book recommendations, we are passionate about sharing what we love! 

Above all, the Arab Student Association constantly works towards creating an environment founded on diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance. As ASA seeks to educate the community, we also aim to learn from those around us. Thus, our pillars of community and collaboration being fundamental to us. Members of ASA strive to be open-minded and welcoming above all else. 

Arab Student Association can be contacted through our Instagram @asajohncabot or through our email [email protected]

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  • Arab Student Association
  • Arab Student Association