Online Registration

Check for Prerequisites and Corequisites

A prerequisite is a course that you must have completed successfully before registering for another.
i.e. CS 130 Web Design I is a prerequisite for CS 131 Web Design II

A corequisite is a course that you are allowed to attend while also attending the course for which it is needed.
i.e. EN 110 Advanced Composition is a corequisite for HS 345 Europe Since 1945

Prerequisites and corequisites are listed on the university’s online course descriptions as well as on the Course Schedule.

Being aware of course prerequisites and/or corequisites is ultimately your responsibility.

Please note that the Registrar’s Office will verify that all Mathematics and English Composition prerequisites have been fulfilled. Should you not have fulfilled the Mathematics and/or English Composition prerequisite you will be administratively dropped from the class.