Housing and Residential Life

Housing Rules and Policies

Minors: Students are only permitted to move into John Cabot University Housing on or after their eighteenth birthday. For further information, please contact our Housing Office: [email protected].


Payment for the basic housing cost for the corresponding semester must be made before you can receive the keys to your apartment.

To those expecting to receive Financial Aid to cover your housing costs: In all cases the Housing Deposit must be paid in order for a student to be considered for JCU Housing. Housing placement is not affected by the timing of Financial Aid payments, however you must present appropriate documentation to the University ahead of time. For further information, please contact our Financial Aid Office: [email protected].

Application and Payment Deadlines

Applications received after the dates below will be wait-listed. Once your application is processed, you will be placed in the next available housing assignment.

Semester  Application Deadline  Payment Deadline 


June 1

July 30


November 1

November 30

Summer I

April 15

April 30

Summer II

May 15

May 30

Housing Assignments

You will receive your assignment and apartment address upon check-in when you arrive. However, if JCU finds it necessary to change housing assignments for any reason, it reserves the right to place you in another accommodation.

  • JCU will take your requests for roommates into consideration, but cannot guarantee any placement. Roommate requests must be mutual.
  • All housing assignments will be same sex only. No co-ed assignments will be made except for married couples.
  • Specific housing placement requests due to medical reasons should be submitted at the time of your online application along with a statement from your primary physician. 

To apply for a change in housing placement after your arrival*, you can download the Relocation Request Form and email it to [email protected]. Only completed request forms sent via email will be considered. Your request will then be reviewed by members of the Housing Office. Please note that placement changes are not guaranteed.

The criteria used to determine room changes are as follows:

1. Date request is received by JCU Housing.
2. Availability of space.
3. Reasons for request.

(*) Note: John Cabot policy prohibits housing changes before the second week of classes. Changes cannot be completed prior to this date and never without approval from the Housing Office.

Confirmation of housing is given only after a student has been accepted for enrollment by the University and the Housing Deposit and Housing Request Form are received. The housing deposit is non refundable. The Housing Deposit guarantees your place in JCU Housing and, as such, will be applied towards the final housing cost. Students will be informed of their housing addresses upon their arrival in Rome and not before.


JCU Housing reserves the right to withhold transcripts if the accommodations are not returned in satisfactory condition. This includes damage to the apartment, missing items, extra cleaning (Cleaning is done by an agency contracted by the university at mid-term and at the end of the year only) and excessive utility charges incurred at the end of the term. Transcript holds will be released only after payment is made to the JCU Finance Office.

Housing Refund and Cancellation schedule 

Students can request to cancel JCU Housing application by notifying [email protected]. The refund will be assessed based on the Refund and Cancellation schedule below. 

Cancellation request submitted  Deposit Refund  Housing Fee Refund 
Before Application and Deposit Deadline  YES 100%
After the Application and Deposit deadline   NO 100%
After the full payment deadline   NO 100%
Between the full payment deadline and the 1st Move-in date  NO 100%
After the Move-in date (No show)  NO 0%
After the housing unit has been occupied  NO 0%

Housing Contract

Students will be required to sign a Housing Contract sent via email prior to departure agreeing to respect the property, privacy, and rights of roommates and neighbors as well as abide by all Italian laws. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH STUDENT TO FAMILIARIZE HIM/HERSELF WITH THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT. Here below are examples including, but not limited to:

  • Any unlawful activity, drug use, or abuse of property, inappropriate behavior toward neighbors, JCU personnel or housemates is grounds for dismissal from JCU Housing and will lead to forfeiture of all fees.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed in JCU Housing for any reason.
  • Pets are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Students must abide by ALL of the terms of the contract.
  • Students placed in JCU Housing are responsible for reading and abiding by the policies and procedures outlined in JCU Housing Policies and Regulations.