Housing and Residential Life

Options and Prices

The housing options available through John Cabot University Housing are the Gianicolo Residence, Lungara Apartments and the Trastevere Apartments. For Fall and Spring semesters, neighborhood apartments become available only after the Gianicolo, Lungara and Trastevere Apartments have reached capacity. The same basic amenities and services are provided in the neighborhood apartments as in the residences. The neighborhood apartments are managed by a third-party contractor, including the cleaning and maintenance services.

John Cabot University housing is Italian by nature in every way! Our apartments can have varied floor plans, aesthetics, furnishings or locations. Students can enter up to three housing options on the application as their preferred housing options; however, the actual placement may vary based on the availability and the date of submission. 

Minors: ENLUS participants and Study Abroad Students are only permitted to move into John Cabot University Housing on or after their 18th birthday. For further information, please contact our Housing Office: [email protected].


Gianicolo Residence


The Gianicolo Residence consists of over 70 varying apartments, as well as the JCU Housing and Residential Life Office itself, and it is located steps away from the Guarini Campus and a short walk to the Tiber Campus. The Gianicolo Residence offers security guards on duty 24/7, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and air conditioning/heating. During the Fall semester, the Gianicolo Residence is an entirely alcohol free residence building and houses a number of freshman students.

Viale Trastevere Apartments


The Trastevere Apartments can house around 150 JCU students in addition to having the benefit of integrating students into a building with local Italian neighbors. These buildings are located steps from the tram line and they are a 20-25 minute walk from both the Guarini and Tiber Campuses. The Trastevere Apartment buildings also have a 24/7 security guard on duty, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and heating.

Lungara Apartments


The Lungara Apartments are conveniently located across from the Guarini campus and have the benefit of integrating students into a building complex with local Italian neighbors. Regular cleaning service is provided, as well as WiFi and air conditioning/heating. At night, the complex is accessible through a code-protected gate and there is a guard on duty.

neighborhood apartments

neighborhood apartments

The Neighborhood Apartments are traditional Roman-style apartments available in the Fall and Spring semesters. These apartments offer the most authentic living experience in the heart of Trastevere where next-door neighbors are Italian families. 

Graduate Studio Apartments

Graduate Studio Apartments

Our Graduate Studio Apartments are located in the heart of the Historic Trastevere neighborhood and are no farther than a 5 minute walk to the John Cabot University campus buildings. These apartments offer the option of having no roommates or a maximum of one roommate and allow students to remain in the same apartment during breaks or between semesters. 


JCU Housing application is considered complete and is accepted only if both application and deposit are submitted by the deadline. There is limited availability in JCU Housing and at times demand surpasses availability. Once all housing options reach their full capacity, it will be communicated promptly to any applicant that they will be placed on a waiting list even if they applied by the deadline. Housing applications that do not meet the deposit, and full payment deadline will be waitlisted. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered for JCU Housing. 

Waiting List

Should any spaces become available, the Housing Office will contact students immediately for confirmation and they will be asked to submit a deposit or a full payment, depending on the date of the confirmation. Upon notification of the location and type of housing assigned, students will have the choice to accept or reject the offer within 48 hours from when the notification is sent.

Housing deposit without submitting a housing application by the deadline will not be accepted and will be placed on a waiting list. The complete application must be submitted with a deposit by the deadline (midnight CET) to be fully considered for allocation. The Housing deposit without the submission of a complete application does not guarantee housing. 

Housing Payments and Terms

The non-refundable deposit is due at the time of the housing application deadline (midnight CET). The deposit will be applied towards the full housing fee and must be paid in full by the payment deadline.

JCU Housing will try to honor all housing preferences according to availability. However, please note that submitting the payment for a preferred housing option does not guarantee that student will be placed in their preferred building, location, room type, or with roommate(s). 

Housing Refund: See Housing Refund and Cancellation Schedule for details.

Financial Aid

All students receiving financial aid must: 

  • Contact provider(s) to arrange billing and full payment. 
  • Submit both housing application and deposit by the housing application deadline.
    • Deposit is required for all students applying for housing. The ‘out-of-pocket’ payment will be readjusted once the Financial Aid is disbursed.
    • If deposit requirement cannot be met by the housing application deadline due to Financial Aid disbursement schedule, email [email protected] as soon as possible.

For all visiting students: 

  • Submit a JCU Payment Deadline Extension Request Form (PDERF) by the housing application deadline if a full payment deadline cannot be met. Click to learn more about Steps to Transfer Aid.  
  • Any JCU Payment Deadline Extension Request Form (PDERF) submitted after the deadline or failed to notify [email protected] regarding late Housing payments will result as ‘unpaid’ and the students will be placed on a waiting list. 

Medical-related accommodation

If students have medical-related requests, they must complete the ‘Health Related Accommodation Needs’ section of the housing application with a medical or supporting document uploaded by the deadline. 

Students can update or make changes to their application on the Student Portal before the application deadline (midnight CET). After the deadline, the submitted application will remain available to view only. 

Housing Prices

Prices for U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the United States, or Canadian citizens.
Prices for citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada.

Important notice for students with dual citizenship:
Please note that you must decide at the beginning of your college career whether your billing currency will be euros or dollars. You will be billed in the same currency for the entire time that you attend JCU.