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COVID-19 Emotional Support Groups, Counseling Sessions and Mindful Compassion meditation groups

Do you feel emotionally affected by COVID-19? Are you worried about your safety and the safety of loved ones? Are you struggling with bad mood, anxiety, lack of sleep, and/or difficulty focusing on school? Do you feel others have treated you differently because you’re from an affected area? Do you feel isolated in your feelings? Are you simply bored out of your mind and find yourself ruminating over negative thoughts? Are you fed up with having to live with your parents and siblings again? Missing your friends and your life? 

The COVID-19 Emotional Support Group is an opportunity to come together, share what you’ve been going through, and receive support. It is open to all JCU students who have been emotionally affected by the Coronavirus. This is an open online group, and you are welcome to attend any or all sessions. This is NOT a therapy group! It is a space to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential way. Most of all, it’s a way to realize that you are not alone in your emotions and your difficulties. To register, please send an email to [email protected], and the facilitator will send you a code to join the meeting.

Courage is at the heart of compassion. That’s why, now more than ever, we are offering Mindful Compassion meditation group sessions on Monday afternoon from 5.30 pm-6.30 pm (Central European Summer Time); this is another wonderful resource, not a therapy group, but a safe space where you can learn how to relax, how to be more in contact with your body, mind, and soul in the present moment, and most importantly how to be kind and compassionate with your own self because you deserve it! To register, please send an email to [email protected] and the facilitator will send registered participants a code to join the meeting. 

Last but not least, counselors are here, as always! All our counselors keep working remotely via telehealth (using tools that are HIPAA and GDPR compliant with encryption), to provide individual counseling sessions. Our psychiatrists also are working remotely and will be able to see you in person when needed. To schedule an appointment with a counselor or with a psychiatrist please write an email to [email protected] 

The Counseling Center (currently closed)

John Cabot University's Counseling Center is located in the Gianicolo Residence and provides free-of-charge counseling and psychiatric services to JCU students. Our team of four licensed Psychologists and one licensed Psychiatrist ensure that the mental health needs of our diverse student population are met. 

Meet the Counseling Team

Carolina MeucciCarolina Meucci
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Head Counselor

Nicola Petrocchi, Ph.D., Psy. D.Nicola Petrocchi, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
CBT and CFT Psychotherapist and Trainer

Catherine RossiCatherine Rossi
Developmental Psychologist
US Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Lisa Gabbarelli, Ph.D.Lisa Gabbarelli, Ph.D 
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist 

Domenico ScaringiDomenico Scaringi
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Gino Maglio psychiatrist   Gino Maglio

To make an appointment with a counselor or a psychiatrist, please email [email protected] with your class schedule/availability. In addition to individual counseling appointments, the counseling center offers weekly group sessions on different topics throughout the semester and a weekly mindfulness class led by Dr. Nicola Petrocchi. Group sessions take place every other Monday and Wednesday, while Mindfulness Classes will take place every Thursday evening. Please email [email protected] if you would like to sign up or receive more information.

 **For the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, counseling and mindfulness sessions will be offered online. Please write to [email protected] to schedule an appointment** 

The Counseling Center is located in the Gianicolo Residence (Vicolo della Penitenza, 26).


Additionally, John Cabot University has partnered with Equilibrio, a 24/7 counseling helpline to offer free of charge counseling in English to JCU students, staff, and faculty. By dialing the toll-free number, you will be immediately connected to a licensed English-speaking psychologist. This service is completely confidential, and there is no limit on the number or duration of the calls you make. (+39) 800.969.239