Kwame Phillips

Kwame Phillips

2016 Associate Professor of Communications and Media Studies

[email protected]

B.A., Macalester College, Saint Paul, USA, 2001
M.Sc., Queen Mary, University of London, 2003
Ph.D., Emory University, Atlanta, USA, 2014

Professor Kwame Phillips is an anthropologist and filmmaker, specializing in visual and sensory media production, ethnographic documentary and soundscapes. Born in London and raised in Jamaica, he joined John Cabot's Department of Communications in the Fall of 2016. Professor Phillips has traveled all over the world teaching digital storytelling in underserved communities. He works with Filmmakers Without Borders, an organization "committed to leveraging the filmmaking process as a vehicle for promoting student empowerment and cross-cultural exchange in the developing world."

Visit Professor Philllips' website.