Anna Mauceri Trimnell

Anna Mauceri Trimnell

2005 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Italian

[email protected]

Laurea, University of Pavia, 1992
Dottorato di Ricerca, University for Foreigners of Siena, 2005

Anna Mauceri earned her laurea in Lettere from the University of Pavia and received her doctorate in Linguistics and Pedagogy of Italian as a Second Language at the Università per Stranieri di Siena. Her research has been primarily on Italian literature in the 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on its relationship to linguistics.

Professor Mauceri has received two Research Grants: the first from the Centro di ricerca sulla tradizione manoscritta di autori moderni e contemporanei of the University of Pavia, to analyze and catalogue the manuscripts and letters of 20th century Italian poets and writers.

The second grant was from the Università per Stranieri di Siena for a project on the analysis of the evolution of the Italian language through short stories of the 20th century. Part of this project involved carrying out research at Oxford University, Faculty of Modern Languages, focusing on didactic strategies for the teaching of Italian language, linguistics and literature in a non-native speaking university context. This resulted in the publication of the book L’Italia raccontata. Antologia di racconti italiani del ‘900 con commento linguistico e attività didattiche per studenti di lingua e letteratura italiana, which is designed for advanced learners of Italian language and literature. The book was awarded the “Premio Giovanni Boccaccio per l’attività di studio sull’evoluzione della lingua letteraria e sull’analisi testuale di racconti del ‘900”.

She has worked as a trainer on teacher training courses of Italian as a second language in Italy and abroad and she also leads courses of textual analysis and writing for students of Italian Licei.

At John Cabot she teaches Italian Literature, Italian Language and Sociolinguistics.

She has also published a number of articles on Italian poets and writers.

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