Alberto Micali

Alberto Micali

2018 Lecturer in Communications and Media Studies

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Laurea, University of Messina, 2009
Laurea Specialistica, University of Turin, 2012
Ph.D., University of Lincoln, 2016

Alberto Micali is a Lecturer in Media Studies at the Department of Communications, John Cabot University, where he teaches media and cultural theory. Prior to this appointment, he was Associate Lecturer at the Lincoln School of Film & Media, University of Lincoln; and worked as media officer and web communication manager in Italy, developing a critical interest on the relationships between media theory and practice.

Micali’s main research interest is the politics of digital media and network dissent. In particular, his research focuses on the social and political implications of hacking, digital activism, and non-representational theories of media and mediation. Micali’s research transversally moves between media theory, critical posthumanism,and political philosophy, intersecting in the ‘ecosophical’ work of Félix Guattari, with the study of hacktivism.

Micali’s current research projects include ‘The affective politics of data leaks,’ which investigates the capacity of leaking to activate subjective and social dimensions of political participation; and ‘Pulse culture,’ which studies the relationships between human-animals and pulses in the co-constitution of Italian cultural expressions. In addition, he collaborates with the Centre for Entangled Media Research (Lincoln, UK), which studies the shared experiences of contemporary internetworked societies.

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