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The Institute is committed to fostering formal learning in the realm of entrepreneurship, through entrepreneurial courses, for credit and not-for-credit internships in a start-up or entrepreneurial company, a Minor in Entrepreneurship and a selection of workshops and seminars.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Minor in Entrepreneurship at JCU is a unique program that allows non-business as well as business students to explore the possibility of starting their own company or participating in a family business upon graduation. The program can be tailored to the individual interests of each student, by combining entrepreneurial courses with courses that would help students better understand the industry they intend to operate in.

The Minor includes an Introduction to Entrepreneurship, which gives students the basics of how to put together a business plan (including financial statements), a 'capstone' 400-level case-based course in Entrepreneurial Management, and 4 electives that will equip students with functional business skills and a better understanding of their area of interest. For instance, a student majoring in Art History and interested in opening his/her own gallery could select Curating Museums and Galleries as one of the electives. For-credit internships may also be selected as part of the Minor.

Students will be guided in their selection of electives by the Director of the Institute, who will make recommendations based on their personal objectives; the program will then be reviewed and approved by the student's Advisor.

For more information, contact the Director of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, at [email protected]

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Entrepreneurial Courses at JCU

Students may choose among a variety of entrepreneurial courses, including:
BUS 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 335 International Entrepreneurship
BUS 345 Innovation and Information Technology
BUS 360 Social Networks and Media Management
BUS 410 Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship
FIN 381 Entrepreneurial Finance
LAW/PL 220 Intellectual Property Law
MKT 304 New Product Management
MKT 340 E-Marketing
MKT 350 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations
MKT 355 Social Marketing and Fund Raising
BUS/MGT/MKT 298/398 For-credit Internship in a start-up or early stage company
BUS/MGT/MKT 281/381 Independent Study in an entrepreneurship-related field

Full course descriptions are available online under Course Descriptions and in the JCU Catalog.