Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

Study English Literature in Rome

B.A. in english literature

The organized study of literature written in the English language has long proved its worth as a traditional discipline that exercises the imagination, encourages intellectual precision, and inculcates a critical appreciation of humane, liberal values.

The program emphasizes the historical and cultural understanding of the development of literature in English from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 21st century, but courses in the theory of the various literary genres are also required. In all courses, students must not only read texts with great care, but also criticize them and present the results of their own research in well-written essays. The training in the skills of research and writing culminates in the thesis that a student must present in his/her senior year.

There are clear advantages in pursuing an English major at an institution that belongs, like John Cabot University, to the English-speaking academic tradition, and this may be especially true for students whose first language is not English. There is also particular value, however, in studying English literature at an international university, which John Cabot is as well. In this international atmosphere the content of each English course inevitably becomes somewhat internationalized, as it is related to the Italian context and to the other national backgrounds of the various students. Courses in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing are also part of the English Literature program.

Studying English or Creative Writing in Rome offers students the unique opportunity to explore a culture that has influenced writers of literature in English for centuries and to observe English language and literature from within another culture. You will find a renowned international faculty with advanced degrees from world-class institutions, including Oxford University, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Jordan, and the University of Rome "La Sapienza," among others. The Department of English is also the home to the university's English Language for University Study (ENLUS) Program that prepares non-native English speakers to succeed in academic work and the Writing Center that helps students from across the university to improve their writing skills.

Students trained in English Literature have found that it has provided an appropriate background for careers in a variety of fields beyond the discipline, including: 

  • Law
  • Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Business

JCU's Career Services Office connects students with hundreds of competitive internships per semester. By taking advantage of these services, you could graduate from college having completed an internship working in your desired field.

Since its founding in 2009, John Cabot University's Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation has become a thriving community of and for writers in Rome. With workshops in the major genres (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction) and literary translation, the Institute is the place for creative writing students to spend serious time on their writing as they get to know the Eternal City. You will be able to take undergraduate and graduate courses in the various aspects of Creative Writing with a faculty of renowned published authors.