Faculty Experts



Thomas Govero Thomas Govero

Lecturer in Classics

[email protected]

Expertise: Ancient World Classics, Public Speaking and Rhetoric, Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Philosophy, Roman law



English Language and Literature


Carlos Dews Carlos Dews

Professor of English

[email protected]

Creative Writing, American Literature, Gay and Lesbian Studies, American Literature in Italy, Autobiographical Criticism, Southern Women Writers, Southern Studies, Racism in the U.S., Class in Higher Education, Working Class Studies



Silvia Ammary Silvia Ammary

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English

[email protected]

Expertise:  Tesol (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), American Literature, World Literature, Advanced Language Courses




Tom Bailey Tom Bailey

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

[email protected]

Expertise:  Modern and Contemporary Moral and Political Philosophy, Immannuel Kant, 19th Century Post-Kantian Philosophy



Political Science and International Affairs


Lars Rensmann Lars Rensmann

Associate Professor of Political Science

[email protected]

Expertise: European Politics, Global Politics and Sports, European and Global Political Thought


JCU Logo Michael Driessen

Assistant Professor of Political Science

[email protected]

Expertise: Religion and Global Politics, Political Catholicism, Political Islam, Religion and Democratization in North Africa and the Middle East, Christian Democracy, Inter-religious Dialogue


Studio Art


William Pettit William Pettit

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Studio Art

[email protected]

Expertise: Ancient and Medieval Artistic Techniques, Drawing, Painting, Supports, Photography, Contemporary Technologies