Short Courses - Human Resources Management and Personal Development

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The short courses in this area deal with:

  • Applied traditional models and innovative systems for planning, realization and management of human resources
  • Development of the necessary skills for the selection process, management and training of resources in a company
  • Soft skills and professional competences for the workplace
  • Strategic management techniques for human resources
  • Strengthening of professional English and of the appropriate vocabulary for human resources in an international environment
  • Development and optimization of personal branding

Amministrazione del personale e incentivi - Corso BreveAmministrazione del personale e degli incentivi                        
23 hours (3 hours from remote)  

From September 2 to September 30, 2022

La valutazione del potenziale - Corso breveLa valutazione del potenziale                                             
23 hours (3 hours from remote)  

Dates: TBD

HR English - Corso BreveHR English                                                                                                                                           
15 hours (3 hours from remote)  

Dates: TBD