Service Learning

How to Apply to Service Learning


All Students in good academic standing may apply to participate in the Service Learning -Combining Fieldwork and Education- Project.

For degree-seeking students, completion of the Community Service Program is necessary. In order to obtain the Community Service Program Certificate, students must volunteer for at least 15 hours with any of the organizations that the Program is affiliated with, and attend at least two workshops or lectures.

Visiting students, who have not participated in the JCU Community Service Program, must provide a letter of recommendation and/or proof of experience in the humanitarian field. Placement in the program is limited and applicants will be evaluated based on their prior experience and commitment to the humanitarian field, as demonstrated in their application.


  • Degree-seeking students: Completion of the Community Service Program Certificate;
  • Visiting students: Recommendation letter and/or proven experience in the humanitarian field;
  • CV/Resume and Cover Letter;
  • In order to apply for an internship, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and at least sophomore standing;
  • In order to apply for for-credit internships, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and at least junior standing.

JCU Graduates

JCU alumni can apply for Service Learning opportunities.


  • CV/Resume and Cover Letter;
  • Recommendation Letter and/or proven experience in the humanitarian field.


In order to apply, and for questions and support, please email [email protected]

Please, be informed that if you are selected for a position through the Service Learning Project, you will have to make sure to complete the necessary legal documents and activate your work-insurance coverage.

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