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John Cabot University is an American institution in Rome since 1972.
All of the Continuing Education programs are offered in Italian and structured in 3 phases:

  • Practice-based classes with real case studies and company testimonials;
  • Project work, individual and group exercises, class presentations;
  • Internship in one of the partner companies.

Continuing Education 2023 Programs

80% in Italian and 20% in English

Even though these programs are offered in Italian (candidates must have advanced Italian to attend classes), students have to attend approximately 70 hours of English Grammar and Conversation, in accordance with their level, and Business English. The participants are also allowed to participate in all of the activities that take place in the international environment that is the University Campus (events, seminars, meetings and special classes in English), while also having access to a wide array of resources from our library.

Work and study experience

All the programs have an introductory part aimed at developing soft skills and strengthening the knowledge of the job market. The students are able to start their internship experience, part-time while studying, thanks to the meetings and interviews they can have with the 740+ partner companies of the Center for Career Services. With this strategy, participants can study and work, therefore, having the chance to apply what is learned in the classroom. Additionally, the Center for Career Services, as part of the Placement program, offers a series of career sessions for the building of one's professional profile.

  • Career Fair - Incontro fra studenti e aziende
  • Career Fair - Occasione di networking
  • Esperienze di stage e di lavoro
  • Orientamento al lavoro e newtork di professionisti
  • Revisione delle candidature e info tables
  • Seminari e webinar di orientamento

Project and Networking 

Within the different courses of the Master, students work on case studies and projects taken directly from the contemporary working reality, in close contact with business professionals. Participants are thus able to develop fundamental skills through team work activities and interdisciplinary workshops. The projects proposed during the Master are numerous, and different from year to year, thanks to the extensive network that is built with professionals and companies.

Benefits of the JCU experience

John Cabot University, the major American university in Rome, offers Italian masters' students and alumni exclusive privileges

Master's Comparability

CIMEA (Centro di Informazione sulla Mobilità e le Equivalenze Accademiche) releases the certificate of comparability for JCU's Continuing Education programs. 


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