Department of Communications at John Cabot University in Italy

Fast Track to Graduate Media Studies at the New School

The New School in New York City, in collaboration with John Cabot University, is offering a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Media Management or a full Master of Arts in Media Studies or a Master of Science in Media Management and save time and money in the process.

Students will be able to obtain graduate credits while they are doing their BA at John Cabot University and apply those credits to a Graduate Certificate in Media Management at The School of Media Studies of The New School. They will also be able to apply the graduate credits they have already earned to the pursuit of a full MA in Media Studies or an MS in Media Management at The New School. For information about costs, please download this document.

In addition to the regular New School application, please contact Paolo Carpignano to inform him that you are applying. You may also contact him if you have any questions about the program.

For deadlines and further information, please contact the Communications Department Chair.

Here is how it works:

Certificate in Media Management

While in the BA program at John Cabot University, students will apply to the Certificate in Media Management at The New School. Once accepted, they will take two graduate courses offered by JCU (6 credits). Those six credits will count toward the JCU's BA and they will also be transferred to TNS Certificate. Soon after graduation, students will go to New York and take two additional courses in the intensive Media Management summer program. Alternatively, they can opt to take two courses online. After completing the required courses (two at JCU and two at TNS), students will be awarded a Certificate in Media Management. In the future other certificates in Media Production or in Critical Media Studies will be also available.

Master in Media Studies or Media Management

After completing their BA at John Cabot University and the Graduate Certificate at the New School, students can elect to continue their graduate studies and enroll in a full MA in Media Studies or an MS in Media Management at The New School. Having obtained already 12 credits, they will need to complete only another 24 credits (eight courses) in order to graduate. This can be achieved with two semesters and one summer of course work. All courses are available on-campus and online.

additional information

  • In order to apply to the Fast Track to the Graduate Certificate in Media Management, students at JCU must have a minimum of 60 credits and a 3.0 GPA
  • Eligible graduate courses at JCU will be offered primarily by the Communication Department. The eligibility of graduate courses in other departments will have to be decided on a case by case basis and discussed with an adviser.
  • For those students who choose the summer program in New York, The New School will offer attractive packages of tuition and accommodation in its dormitories.