How to Apply for Internships at JCU

Our internship catalog can be accessed via the JCU Intranet. Internship and job opportunities are also posted on the bulletin boards in the JCU campuses, through our Facebook application Work for Us (JCU credentials needed to access the webpage), and on the webpage dedicated to positions on the JCU website.

Once the student has chosen the internship he/she would like to apply for, he/she should send an email to the Center for Career Services ([email protected]) with a cover letter and resume/CV attached.

Each student can send one application (resume and cover letter) every 48 hours to the Center for Career Services, so that it can be processed correctly. Multiple applications sent in the same day will not be processed and the student will be asked to re-send them one every 48 hours.

Every resume and cover letter is revised before being sent to companies and, if found unfit, it is sent back to the student for correction along with notes on how to improve it.

Please note that, should students or graduates obtain an internship/position, sign the relevant documents and refuse to start it, the Center for Career Services reserves the right to consider whether you can still apply for an internship or your application will be put on hold for 12 months. The same goes for interrupting the internship prematurely, without following the procedure indicated on every internship contract.