Team Sports at JCU

Players involved in JCU team sports have the opportunity to form long-lasting international friendships with team members and opponents.

Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer Team

The John Cabot Men's Soccer Team, the Gladiators, is one of the 8 teams in the League of the Roman Universities that competes every year from September to May, playing a standard 11-v-11 game.

JCU Female Gladiators

Women's Soccer Team (5vs5)

The John Cabot Women's Soccer Team, the Lady Gladiators, is one of the teams in the Roman Universities League that competes every year from September to May. The Lady Gladiators play Futsal, which is a 5-v-5 game.

Men Futsal

Men's Soccer (5vs5)

Futsal is a variant of soccer played on a smaller field, typically indoors and is a 5-v-5 game. The JCU futsal team takes part in the Roman Universities futsal Championship, which was recently started in 2015/16.

JCU Co-ed Volleyball

Coed Volleyball Team

The John Cabot Volleyball team participates to the Volleyball Coed Tournament of Roman Universities, which is a 6V6 indoor volleyball league open to all students. Players of any skill level can participate and be part of the team!

JCU Co-ed Basketball

Coed Basketball Team

John Cabot University has a Basketball Team which practices twice at week. Playing on the basketball team is a great way to form lasting international friendships and stay in shape throughout the year!

JCU Cheerleaders

Cheerleading Team

One of the many fun activities offered by the athletics department is our newest: cheerleading! Stay fit and have fun with other students while learning routines and performing at some of JCU's events!