Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Rebekka Valck Testimonial

Archaeology student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Rebecca ValckeI participated in the Alberese Archaeological Field School in 2011 and 2012; being an archaeology student it was a great opportunity to learn more about practical fieldwork.  

I learned a lot about archaeology and excavation techniques from the experienced team. They guide you through the archaeological work each day, and help you understand the site and its environment. 

The Roman port of Rusellae is a fantastic place to be introduced to Mediterranean archaeology. The site contains pottery, glass, metal and human remains as well as port structures and kilns. 

During the five weeks I practiced how to draw, to work with a level meter, to excavate, to create a Harris-matrix and much, much more.  

The site is located in an unspoiled natural park, and for a whole month I lived in beautiful Tuscany in the company of some really nice people. In my free time I sunbathed, enjoyed the great food and hospitable company, and time passed by very fast. I was sad to leave the site and the team that had captivated me for the past month. 

Returning to school, I had a better understanding of the excavating process and of Roman trade and economy. In fact, I decided to write my Bachelor paper about the site and the archaeology that I had been part of investigating.