Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Poppy Grima Testimonial

Undergraduate student at John Cabot University
Poppy GrimaEngaging, exciting and very interesting, the process of excavation had me captivated throughout the five weeks I spent working with the Alberese Archaeological Project.

Having never done any fieldwork before, the processes of excavating, recording and evaluating were brought to life through the hands-on, practical learning experience and I felt totally involved in every step of the process. The practical work was complemented by a series of informative trips to neighboring Roman cities, which not only highlighted parallels between sites in the region but also showed similarities in the material culture discovered.

As an Art History student, I especially enjoyed seeing how the emergence of new features and artifacts are analyzed and compared, revealing, at times, exciting new chronological phases. Particularly exciting was the discovery of a second-century BC phase, which was confirmed by analysis of both black gloss ware and structural features in the same section.

It was fascinating to see the understanding of human experience evolve on this site and a privilege to be involved in this process.