Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Kate Whitehead Testimonial

MA student at University College London
Katie WhiteheadHaving worked on two previous archaeological projects in different parts of the world I can safely say that my experience with the Alberese Archaeological Project is second to none.

The co-directors and supervisors were extremely friendly and always helpful. They were patient and always happy to explain about some manner of excavation practice to some of the people who had no dig experience. To those of us who had experience in excavation they allowed us more freedom and opportunities to put in some of our own input. I can honestly say that I felt like a valued member of the excavation team, rather than just a worker.

The field school also provided teaching and lectures with some top professionals in their own fields. An expert in zooarchaeology taught us how to identify animal bones, including age at death, a skill that was extremely useful on site; it’s highly satisfying to be able to identify the animal bone you just excavated from the earth! We also had experts in human osteoarchaeology, ceramics and small finds. I never expected such expert teaching!

Included in the field school were trips to other archaeological sites and museums in Tuscany; this really helped with the understanding of our site and its place within the wider context of Roman Tuscany.

Overall this project is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to improve his or her archaeological skills and also learn about Roman history and archaeology in a friendly and supportive environment. I will definitely be applying for next year!