Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Andrew Mclean Testimonial

Undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh
Andrew McleanI had the opportunity to attend the field school in 2013, and work on site at the river port. Being a history and archaeology student, this proved a truly invaluable experience. Though prior to the field school I had no hands-on experience in archaeological excavation, I never felt out of my depth.

The directors and supervisors alike were all very clear when explaining what was being done, and were always happy to answer any questions I may have had. More than this, I felt involved in the whole excavation; I was given frequent updates of what was being done across the whole site and of the various finds being uncovered. It was very clear that everyone involved was eager to help me get as much from the experience as was possible.

Beyond this, I was kept busy off site with visits to other locations, excellent meals and nights out! From start to finish this was an incredible experience and I certainly hope I will be back!