Degree Seeking Scholarships and Financial Aid

Presidential Scholarship Application


New Students: Fall: July 1st / Spring: November 15th

The merit-based Presidential Scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of academic achievement at the time of entry to the University. In addition to evaluating academic achievement, the JCU Scholarship Committee considers information provided during the Admissions process such as: personal statement, letters of recommendation, SAT scores, IB scores, AP tests, A-levels, and extracurricular achievements. The maximum award amount per student is up to $9,500 or €7.000 annually. Presidential Scholarships are initially awarded for one entire academic year and are renewed provided a 2.67 cumulative GPA and satisfactory academic progress are maintained.

Submit a 250 word essay on what sets you apart from other JCU applicants and why you should be awarded a merit-based scholarship.


 The JCU Scholarship Committee determines award amounts based on your academic profile and essay.