Request an In-Class Writing Workshop

The John Cabot Writing Center offers customized, hands-on in-class workshops to help instructors incorporate writing into their teaching. An experienced member of our team will visit your class to host a workshop on any aspect of writing. Coordinate with your department regarding how you would like to allocate the department’s six workshops per term. Frequently-requested topics include how to write a thesis statement, how to perform effective peer review, and how to weave sources into written work. The workshops are not limited to those topics. We will work with you to tailor a 30-minute workshop that fits your course goals, and helps your students succeed with particular assignments.

We ask you to submit your request early so that we can ensure staffing. We will accept bookings until the end of Week 2 of term.

To schedule more than one workshop—e.g., for additional sections of the same course or additional workshops later in the semester—you must submit multiple forms.

Thank you for your interest. 


Upon submitting this form you will be contacted by Tara Keenan who will connect you with your tutor. We look forward to working with you to change the culture of writing at John Cabot University.