John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. in Marketing

  • LOS 1:  Develop a critical understanding of the main marketing theories and models.
  • LOS 2:  Methodically examine the internal and external environments and identify short-term and long-term market opportunities and threats.
  • LOS 3:  Analyze marketing problems and situations through different perspectives: customers, sellers, distributors, community, and apply marketing models to different profit and not-for-profit contexts and different levels of the supply chain.
  • LOS 4:  Master state-of-art marketing procedures and techniques and propose creative and effective solutions to marketing problems.
  • LOS 5:  Identify, assess, collect and use reliable data sources from primary and secondary sources to include use of the internet and electronic databases for intelligence gathering; interpret and analyze these data using software for demand forecasting and development of financial and marketing budgets.
  • LOS 6:  Write exhaustive and clear marketing plans and marketing summaries for various recipients: marketing executives, sales force, financial investors.
  • LOS 7:  Present marketing plans and explain and defend marketing decisions in front of various recipients: marketing executives, sales force, financial investors