John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Honors Courses at John Cabot University in Rome

Students who achieve high levels of academic excellence (minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5) have the option of taking specially designated Honors Courses. These may also include occasional interdisciplinary seminars open only to such students. More frequently, regular John Cabot University courses may be offered with an option of taking them for four academic credits as Honors Courses. Students who register for such courses as Honors Courses must complete additional assignments (e.g., research papers or portfolios) in which they delve more deeply into the subject matter in question. These additional assignments are graded on a "grant of Honors credit/no grant of Honors credit" basis and are not calculated into the final grade for the course. For the granting of Honors credit, students should produce work of a quality that would receive a B (3.00/4.00) or higher and this will be noted on their transcripts. Students taking a course as an Honors Course also enjoy additional mentoring time with the instructor. Instructors for Honors Courses are chosen by the Dean of Academic Affairs in conjunction with the Department Chair, based on their expertise and teaching excellence.