John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

John Cabot University’s First Year Experience is an integrated mix of programs from across the University that assists students in making the transition to their new life at JCU and in Rome, providing support as they embark on a journey towards becoming more knowledgeable and responsible global citizens. The program builds on the foundation of our liberal arts experience, emphasizing our multicultural and international academic learning environment. The program includes the following components:


Each year Orientation offers an introduction to campus resources, personnel, and the city of Rome. Activities span the three days prior to classes and culminate with Registration for Courses and a Welcome Dinner. For more information, please see the Orientation section of the JCU website.

Student Life 

Student Services provides a wide-range of opportunities for first-year students to learn, grow, and succeed. We recognize the importance of extracurricular development and encourage a campus environment that is sensitive to the diverse ethnic and cultural origins of members of the JCU Community. In order to assist students at John Cabot, Student Services offers various opportunities for students to interact by promoting workshops, recreational activities, Outdoor Education Program, and trips as well as encouraging students to get involved in student clubs and associations. These allow students to prepare for the challenges in their college life, to achieve their educational goals and progress in their personal development.

Housing & Residential Life 

John Cabot University Office of Housing and Residential Life provides students with housing and their first taste of what it means to be part of the JCU community. Resident Assistants (RAs) live alongside the freshmen and new transfer students, in our main residential building, and are available to help students maneuver their way through their new school and new social environment. They provide appropriate referrals, while encouraging student responsibility, to help give students the practical tools they need to seek out all the available resources. They are an actively involved group of students, ready and willing to help students become involved in all aspects of JCU! RAs also organize small outings and activities, such as day trips, dinners, and invitations to participate in JCU clubs and events.

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor, a faculty member who assists the student in developing plans for study at JCU in tune with his or her personal academic, career, and life goals.

Academic Support Services

JCU’s Academic Success Program provides the academic support that is sometimes needed to help students make the most of their educational opportunities. It features tutoring labs for Mathematics and Quantitative Subjects, English Composition, and foreign languages as well as Counseling Services and Library Assistance. In addition, the Academic Success Program sets up individual and small group advising sessions and workshops that help students to develop more effective study and learning skills.