John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration in Rome

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration is distinguished by its international emphasis. In keeping with the tradition of American business education, the program provides students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds with a challenging business curriculum in the context of a dynamic learning environment. Required courses are balanced between the theoretical and practical. Small class sizes permit most of the upper-level courses to focus on active learning through class discussion and teamwork. All courses emphasize the importance of clear and accurate communication, both written and oral, and require projects, reports, and/or formal presentations.

The final course of the business program is a capstone course in Strategic Management. This course is taken by students in their senior year to integrate the principles, concepts, and techniques developed in earlier core courses. In this course, students examine issues regarding the strategic management of enterprises competing in a global environment. Strategic Management makes extensive use of the case-study method of teaching.

Learning Outcomes for the Business Administration Major

Requirements for the Degree

A. The Proficiency Requirements of the University in English, Mathematics and Foreign Language.

B. The General Distribution Requirements of the University in English, Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts. (The Mathematics and Science requirement will be satisfied by completing the courses in C).

C. Additional Requirements for the Business Major (3 courses) 1. CS 110 Microcomputer Applications 2. MA 198 Calculus I 3. MA 208 Statistics I

Any two of these three courses will satisfy Requirement D of the Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration.

D. Core Curriculum

  • BUS 220 Business Communications
  • EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • FIN 201 Financial Accounting
  • FIN 202 Managerial Accounting
  • FIN 301 Finance
  • LAW 219 Legal Environment of Business
  • MGT 301 Principles of Management
  • MGT 310 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 330 Operations Management
  • MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 498 Strategic Management

The University requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses taken at the University, with no more than two grades lower than C- in core courses.

E. Major Electives Four additional courses from the following: upper division Business courses, upper division EC courses, MA209 Statistics II, MA299 Calculus II, MGT 338 Management Information Systems.

Approved substitutes include:

  • MA 491 Linear Algebra
  • MA 492 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 493 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
  • MA 495 Differential Equations

F. General Electives sufficient to give a total of 120 credits.

Scheduling Core Courses in Business Administration:  It is recommended that courses in Group 1 below be completed before taking courses in Group 2 and that those in Group 2 be completed before taking courses in Group 3. It is required that courses in the first three groups be completed before taking MGT 498 Strategic Management.

CS 110 MA 198 MGT 310 MGT 498
MA 208 LAW 219 MGT 330  
FIN 201 MKT 301 FIN 301  
FIN 202 MGT 301    
EC 201 BUS 220    
EC 202      

Please note that students cannot earn a double major in Business Administration and International Business.