Student Services

Activities and Trips


The Student Activities office encourages all students to take advantage of the many activities and trips it provides throughout the semesters. These cultural Activities and Trips have been created to educate students about Italy in a fun, "hands-on" method. The office organizes local guided tours, Italian cooking classes, visits to the theater, wine tastings, day trips and weekend trips.

For further information, please contact [email protected]

Mission and Goals

The Student Activities and Trips office aspires to open students’ minds, cultivate Community and School Spirit, and challenge students to take on cultural discoveries and acquire more global knowledge. This program also seeks to provide the opportunity to meet other students and live unique experiences.

Student Testimonial

"The cooking class is a great opportunity to become acquainted with different tastes of Italian cuisine along with students from all over the world." -Giacomo Sproccati (Class of 2015)