John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in Humanistic Studies

  • LOS 1:  Identify, interpret, and develop explanations of major trends and features of Western (and to a much more limited extent, non-Western) historical, cultural, artistic, and intellectual development.
  • LOS 2:  Identify, interpret and discuss key trends and developments in Western literature, philosophy, and art.
  • LOS 3:  Apply knowledge and perspectives drawn from multiple humanities disciplines to new contexts.
  • LOS 4:  Situate analytical position(s) within major approaches to one or more humanities disciplines, and defend such positions through well-researched, supported, and organized reasoning.
  • LOS 5:  Develop an awareness of the importance of finding, using and producing reliable information so as to respect (and know how to respect) academic integrity and ethical standards in their academic work.