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Ipazia Club

Ipazia ClubThe Ipazia Club takes its name from one of the most important women in history, Ipazia of Alexandria, the first documented woman to study mathematics and philosophy.

The Club’s aim is to illustrate how women developed their identities in fields such as history, art, literature, and photography and demonstrate that women, especially in our contemporary times, should be appreciated for who they are rather than for how they look.

Moreover, we would like to encourage the entire JCU community to focus on the challenges women face today. Indeed, in most Western countries, women have reached legal equality; nevertheless, the obstacles to real equality have not yet disappeared. There are still gender-related issues such as (but not only) the persistence of stereotypes that discriminate against women in society and within the family, the growing intensity of violence against women, the power of the glass ceiling in the work place, inequality in the salary scale, and the lack of significant role models for young women.

  • The Club wants to give students both the opportunity to peer into great women’s lives from a very “internal” point of view and to put these women’s accomplishments in a modern perspective, highlighting what they went through, what their relationship with their contemporaries was, and why they undertook the paths of self-determination that finally contributed to the achievement of the status modern women have today. 
  • Our commitment is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our members, where they can be themselves. We value all our members and want to encourage them to express their ideas, feelings, perspectives, and experiences about gender-related issues and other matters that are important to them.   
  • We are also committed to enlarging the club’s visibility and impact on the John Cabot Community and to change people’s paradigms about gender roles.

We from the IPAZIA Club would love to know you better! It’s never too late to join us! Feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected]

Our Events: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes