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Chess Club

Chess Club LogoThe Chess Club was born to introduce students, faculty members, and staff members to chess and show how this game can provide a new approach to fields of study ranging from politics to science.

The club's mission is to provide a space where the members of the university can learn and play chess without requiring any background knowledge.

The goals and plans of the Chess Club are:

  • To provide lessons with an expert chess player every week
  • To improve the logical skills of its members
  • To organize chess tournaments and competitions
  • To arrange lectures and seminars on topics related to the application of chess to the ordinary fields of study

Board members:
Daniela Movileanu – President
Livia Capparelli – Vice-President
Gianmichael Chinotti – Secretary
Stéphane Garelli – Treasurer
Robert Zito – Events Coordinator

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For more information, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]