Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Modern Languages and Literature Course Descriptions

Courses in Modern Languages and Literature

FR 101 Introductory French I

This course is designed to give students basic communicative ability in French. Students work on all four language skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

FR 102 Introductory French II

A continuation of FR 101. This course aims at developing and reinforcing the language skills acquired in Introductory French I, while placing special emphasis on oral communication.

FR 201 Intermediate French I

A continuation of French 102. This course focuses on consolidating the student’s ability to use French effectively. Emphasis is given to grammar review and vocabulary expansion. Selected readings and films acquaint students with French and francophone culture.

FR 202 Intermediate French II

A continuation of French 201. While continuing the review of grammar, the course emphasizes the development of reading and composition skills in the context of the French and francophone culture. Literary readings, newspaper articles, and films, are an essential component of this course.

FR 301 Advanced Grammar and Conversation

This course is designed to help students gain fluency and confidence in speaking while reviewing the advanced structures of French grammar. Contemporary literary and journalistic texts offer an introduction to French culture and provide the basis for class discussions geared toward expanding vocabulary and reinforcing the idiomatic use of the language. In terms of language practice, the course provides additional opportunities to improve the four skills in language learning (speaking, understanding, reading and writing).