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road lead

to rome


regionally accredited
american liberal arts
university in italy

(founded in 1972)

85%of students

receive a scholarship
or financial aid.



and associate's


John Cabot University

Yourinternational experience

Your international experience




students per class

from over 80 countries

80 countries

urban campus


I can honestly say that my degree in Business Administration truly prepared me to start my own business after graduation. It’s thanks to my JCU education that I am where I am today.
Ray Bartolomucci Class of 2017

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Joining a close-knit community like JCU’s and graduating from such an amazing university is something that I’ve always dreamed of. Knowing that I will be studying in a foreign country, while attending a university that follows the American educational system, is more than I could have asked for!
Una Vaskovic, Class of 2020

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Applying to John Cabot University was definitely a turning point in my life. My time at JCU represents a true coming-of-age story for me. I like to say I was born and raised in Serbia…but I truly grew up in Italy.
Filip Popov-Plavšić Class of 2014

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Studying at JCU has given me the chance to experience and study at an American university in the heart of Rome, Italy. Since both of my parents are from Bangladesh, studying at JCU has allowed me to properly identify the similarities and differences of Italian, American, and Bangladeshi cultures.
Torsa Mukhter Class of 2020

3 Career Fairs per year

650+ collaborating companies and organizations

80%+ of students interviewed get the position

900+ job & internship opportunities per year

20+ career orientation seminars

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