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JCU Weekend of Startups 2019

Under the patronage of Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori and the Canadian Chamber in Italy, John Cabot University is proud to invite you to participate in the JCU Weekend of Startups to be held in Trastevere, Rome, on 15-16-17 November (for the third consecutive year)! DOWNLOAD the flyer!

In just one weekend, pitch your startup idea and receive feedback from peers and experts. Form a team to turn an idea into a real world startup: business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. Compete for great team prizes!

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Your idea matters

On Friday afternoon you can pitch your idea or just listen to others' ideas before forming your team. Then together with your team, you'll take this idea and RUN! You'll receive lots of mentoring and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, and maybe even start a new company. You'll need plenty of energy and a team player attitude to excel throughout the weekend, which culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders for great team prizes! Bring your laptop too!

Prizes - approx. €50K total value!

• sponsored by CRMpartners: €16,000 total value; ZOHO ONE software package (48 business apps), Quickstar consulting package for the top three teams and at CRM's discretion, for a standout team a possible acceleration path;
• sponsored by KPMG: €1,000 cash prize to the winning team;
• sponsored by Starting Finance Deal: €500 cash prize; financial consulting towards a business plan to the value of €5,000; possibility to pitch at Starting Finance Deal Club;
• sponsored by Luiss EnLabs/LVenture: consulting with their investment evaluation team for the winning team;
• sponsored by TIM WCAP: 3 months co-working space and consulting from their Rome-based team;
• sponsored by BizPlace: €4,000 total value in business planning; 
• sponsored by Heroes: ticket to the Heroes innovation festival to 1 person in every team; 1 team ticket for the festival (4 tickets); 1 exhibit ticket for the festival to a team (4 tickets + exhibition desk); 1 equity crowdfunding consultancy; 
• sponsored by Romics: ticket to the Romics festival (2-5 April 2020) to 1 person in every team; 1 exhibit table to the Romics 2020 to a team and presentation slot in the festival program; business placement/enhancement meeting with authors, publishing houses and companies of their network; advertisement space on their 2020 festival catalogue for a chosen team;
• sponsored by Jump by Uber: 100 Free JUMP Trips (€1K JUMP CREDITS) for up to 5 team members for the most sustainable startup project (€5,000 total value);
• sponsored by Amazon Web Services: €5000 AWS credits for winning team, €1000 AWS credits each for 2nd & 3rd teams (€7,000 total value);
• sponsored by Talent Garden: 1 month of co-working space;

Your ticket includes

6 delicious meals (and plenty of coffee) over the weekend (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches)
Benefits and discounts from our local and global partners
Mentorship and coaching throughout the weekend
Great new contacts of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world

Event T-shirt sponsored by BizPlace

We're able to offer all this thanks to local and national sponsors, passionate about youth entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Still have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]


Silvia Pulino         Joanne Bergamin         Riccardo Maiolini         Costanza Cicero
Silvia Pulino         Joanne Bergamin         Riccardo Maiolini         Costanza Cicero



Simone Ridolfi        

Simone Ridolfi is the CEO and co-founder of Moovenda, the first Italian food delivery company, for which he raised more than 2M of funds.
Moovenda serves 5 cities, Including Rome and Naples. Simone is a Digital Entrepreneur, and an Expert in Building MVPs, Marketing and Food. He is passionate about growing the Italian Startup Ecosystem.


Roberto Sfoglietta         Gabriele Ferrieri - Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori         Vera Ravasi         Andrea Bonabello
Roberto Sfoglietta         Gabriele Ferrieri         Vera Ravasi         Andrea Bonabello
Jose Salgado         Alberto Luna         Matteo Tanzilli         Armando De Lucia
Jose Salgado          Alberto Luna         Matteo Tanzilli         Armando De Lucia



Elio Petti - Business Model and Strategy         Gianluca Granero - Tech Entrepreneur         Giorgia Conte- Digital Marketing         Davide De Luca
Elio Petti         Gianluca Granero         Giorgia Conte         Davide De Luca
Marco Giannone - Software Engineer         Alessandro Filosa         Andrea Baldini         Aldo Pergjergji
Marco Giannone         Alessandro Filosa         Andrea Baldini         Aldo Pergjergji
Valerio Rossi         Laura Maria Rizzo         Roberto Ricci         Francesco Paolo Russo
 Valerio Rossi         Laura Maria Rizzo         Roberto Ricci         Francesco Paolo Russo
Simona Sinesi         Anastasiia Shmatina         Luca Barrile         Abby Reynolds
Simona Sinesi         Anastasiia Shmatina         Luca Barrile         Abby Reynolds
Mariarosy Calleri         Paola Santoro         Marco Croella         Alberto Ronco
Mariarosy Calleri          Paola Santoro         Marco Croella          Alberto Ronco
Chris Richmond         Francesca Nardelli         Giorgia Molinari         Ilaria Filiberti
Chris Richmond         Francesca Nardelli          Giorgia Molinari         Ilaria Filiberti
Gianluca Santavicca         Elettra D'Amico         Filippo Colonna         Laura De Lorenzis
Gianluca Santavicca         Elettra D'Amico          Filippo Colonna         Laura De Lorenzis 

JCU WEEKEND OF STARTUPS SCHEDULE – 15-16-17 November 2019 

Friday November 15th (JCU Guarini Campus, 233 Via della Lungara, Rome)
6:00 PM - Registration
6:30 PM - Official Opening by Dr. Chris Chung, Deputy Ambassador and Alternate Permanent Representative to WFP, Australian Embassy Rome
6:45 PM - Welcome by our Facilitator Simone Ridolfi; Intro speakers, coaches and community leaders
7:00 PM - Pitches Start
7:30 PM - Voting: Attendees vote for the top pitches
8:00 PM - Dinner by Hummustown & Networking: Eat, share ideas, get to know participants
9:00 PM - Form Teams
9:30 PM - Begin Work: Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills
11:00 PM - GO HOME!

Saturday November 16th (JCU Guarini Campus, 233 Via della Lungara, Rome)
9:00 AM - Breakfast
9:30 AM - Begin Work: Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
12:30 PM - Lunch offered by OFFLUNCH!
1:30 PM - Check in: After-lunch check-in, status reports, call for help
2:00 PM - Coach Meetings: Coaches help teams one-on-one. 
7:00 PM - Dinner: enjoy poke bowls by The Coffee Pot
8:00 PM - Check in: After-dinner check-in, status reports, call for help
10:30 PM - Wrap-up and 11:00 pm GO HOME!

Sunday November 17th (JCU Guarini Campus, 233 Via della Lungara, Rome)
9:00 AM - Breakfast
9:30 AM - Presentation Prep & Tech Check
11:30 AM - Final Presentations
12:30 PM - Judging & Awarding of PRIZES
1:00 PM - Silicon Drinkabout Rome AFTERPARTY, with Ciù Ciù wines and Alle Fratte di Trastevere bagels! GO HOME!


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