Italy Pitches

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Teachers and students from Italian and International High Schools are invited to register by emailing: [email protected]
and CC'ing: [email protected]


Participating Teachers will introduce Italy Pitches as part of the activities they develop in the classroom: students will select a nonprofit organization of their liking and construct a 1-minute pitch to persuade others to donate money to the organization (or take action, such as volunteer time, participate in a fund-raising effort, or change consumption habits).

In order to prepare the pitch, students will first have to research the organization, its mission and the challenges it faces. Teachers will work with students throughout the year, using the program as a platform for further language learning.

As part of their preparation, students will attend a workshop at JCU, where they will be introduced to the art of pitch crafting. The workshop will be conducted by JCU faculty and may include the participation of JCU students who have already had pitching experience.

At the end of the program, teachers will select the student(s) that will represent the school in the final contest. These students will come to JCU to present their pitches in front of a qualified jury and a real audience. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, and a valuable Prize (see below) will be awarded to the best presentation.

A successful pitch will:

  • Present a clearly articulated idea
  • Express the goal, the benefits, and the social impact of the organization
  • Provide a compelling reason to support the cause
  • Engage the audience with verbal and non-verbal language


Participating students will be able to:

  • Access an online repository of articles, videos and PowerPoint presentations on social issues
  • Attend the university's undergraduate elevator pitch competition to gain exposure to pitching
  • Take part in a Pitching Workshop at JCU

Italy Pitches is also supported by Casa Scalabrini 634, a program of the Scalabrinian Congregation, active for more than 100 years in migration issues in over 32 countries. Among many activities, Casa Scalabrini 634 promotes "Dialoghi" (Dialogues), a project to raise awareness in schools, churches, companies and other associations in Italy. Dialogues helps students to learn about migration, about the "people on the move", and about the phenomena related to migrants, integration and interculturalism.

Schools that are going to join Dialogues in relation to Italy Pitches, can receive an extra focus in English (approximately 2 hours) on non-profit in addition to the meetings already offered in Italian by the project itself (approximately 5 hours). Thanks to this extra focus, students will be able to have a better understanding on the non-profit world and therefore they are going to have more information to prepare for their speeches. See Appendix A for details on the programs.

Calendar 2020

Following the Decreto Legge of February 23, 2020, Italy Pitches has been postponed. The next dates will be announced shortly. 

Qualifying Students

All fourth year students enrolled in participating Italian high schools qualify. The high schools joining the program for the first time may also register fifth year students. Schools will be able to participate with 1 student per registered class.


Popular areas of interest include wildlife conservation, conservation and protection of the environment, disaster relief, human rights, child sponsorship, prevention of disease, medical services and treatment, medical research, experimental education, arts and culture.

The background research should include the following:

  • An understanding of the organization's mission statement
  • The problem the organization aims to solve
  • A quantification of the problem (how many people affected, what costs involved, etc.)
  • Activities the organization engages in to solve or alleviate the problem
  • Uses of funds
  • Metrics used to evaluate performance in this sector
  • An evaluation of other organizations addressing the same issues

The jury

Participating students will be evaluated by a jury consisting of representatives of leading nonprofit organizations.

Former members of the Jury include:


The winner of the Final Contest will be offered a place in the JCU English Summer Camp, for eg. a 3-week program designed especially for high-school students, who will be trained in public speaking, academic reading and writing, and producing video for broadcast. Exact details and length of program still to be confirmed.

Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (ASL)

This project qualifies as 10 hours towards the total requirement for ASL, broken down as follows:

Research: 3 hours
JCU events: 2 hours
Discussion: 2 hours
Preparation and practice: 3 hours

Likewise, projects done in collaboration with Casa Scalabrini 634 qualify as up to 7 hours towards ASL, depending on the nature of the project.

N.B.: In order to participate in Italy Pitches as part of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro, and have these hours certified, an agreement between the high school and JCU must be stipulated prior to the start of the activity.
Please contact [email protected] for details.

For more information regarding the program please contact us or check our F.A.Q section