Short Courses

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The Center for Professional and Continuing Education offers short courses in four main areas. The courses, with limited number of spots available, are open to those who wish to acquire or develop personal and professional skills. All courses include a number of hours spent in synchronous lessons, and a smaller part spent in remote study with video lessons, except where noted. However, it is always possible to attend entirely from remote.

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Area Linguistica

Language Area

The courses of the Language area, taught by mother tongue teachers, deal with grammar, oral and writing exercises, expanding the knowledge of Business English to be applied in the context of work.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 

Digital Marketing related courses, with a pragmatic approach to the study of markets, strategies and sales techniques, to communication technologies and modern applied neurosciences theories.

Area Risorse Umane

Human Resources Management and Personal Development

Human Resources management and personal development courses, teaching strategic and organizational management of the human capital, aimed at the optimization of the professional and personal life and environment in the workplace.

Corsi sulla Cybersecurity


Courses related to digital security, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of Cyber Security on a personal, professional and corporate level. These courses provide an overview of the ways and possibilities designed to protect the digital ecosystem.