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June, 2020

"John Cabot University has been a strategic asset for our firm. Year-after-year, its students have demonstrated to be extremely well-prepared to undertake the roles and responsibilities of our financial and legal internships. Their strong knowledge of the English language and of intermediate-advanced financial principles has allowed us to undertake more complex projects that place a greater professional weight on their shoulders with confidence. We are proud to collaborate with JCU and look to further strengthen our relationship with the University, as their students continue to make a positive impact on the Roman financial sector."

May, 2020

"Thanks to their excellent knowledge of the English language, JCU trainees have shown ability to help effectively in the writing of articles, in radio / TV speaking, in assistance with radio programs and in all web editing activities. They have always shown great interest and curiosity for the activities carried out, bringing an important added value to the daily work of the team. The collaboration with JCU has always been positive and we hope it will continue in the future."

March, 2020

"Since 2013, when we first started collaborating with John Cabot University's Internship Program, we have found students to be well prepared and eager to learn. They have always seemed to be at ease in our corporate environment and have never shied away from a new challenge. We have been able to count on resourceful and proactive interns who have supported our teams efficiently and who have shown their capacity to adapt to a new challenging environment. We truly want to thank the university's Center for Career Services for their great work in providing us with new talent year after year."


December, 2019

"Working with the Center for Career Services at John Cabot has allowed Teach For Italy to leverage the many resources of John Cabot,especially in the first year of existence for the organization. With their support, we have been able to recruit outstanding young professionals as interns, who supported the organization in fields such as research, communications and social media, and development. Teach For Italy has been able to participate in a number of events hosted or organized by John Cabot, and develop important partnerships with like-minded non-profit start-ups in Italy and beyond."

September, 2019

"In the last few years, we had the pleasure to collaborate with John Cabot University's Center for Career Services, taking several students as interns. From a first evaluation, I can give a very positive feedback. Students were able to combine their studies with the concrete dynamics of work. This is not easy nor to be taken for granted, because they have to handle their classes and their internship simultaneously. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of English were an added value for us to develop our initiatives and the organization of our events, especially the international ones. I hope our collaboration with JCU will continue in the future and thrive."

September, 2019

"We have been working with interns provided through John Cabot University's Center for Career Services for a few years and they have always shown great interest in our work, they have been extremely enthusiastic about sustainable development issues and never discouraged by the challenges. All of them have shown initiative and resourcefulness while solving problems and achieving the goals sometimes difficult, that we have established for them during their internship with us.  It is really encouraging to see these young students quickly learn and adapt to the different challenges they have to face while working with us. I am grateful to Antonella and her team, they have always made the whole process extremely simple and the selection seamless."

September, 2019

"Europcar Mobility Group Italy has developed an effective collaboration with John Cabot University over the past few years. Indeed, JCU provides us with valid interns, who demonstrate to embed characteristics in line with the needs of our Company: curiosity, open-minded approach and desire to learn, combined with young age and a proficient English knowledge. These are valuable skills and we are glad to offer our interns the opportunity to put their studies into practice experiencing the rent a car business."

September, 2019

"Caffeina Spa has a consolidated collaboration with John Cabot University. All JCU students have some common characteristics: they are curious, willing to challenge themselves, and healthily ambitious in their professional goals. We had several interns from JCU and we hired some of them after their internship period.
We work with numerous Italian and foreign universities, but our collaboration with JCU stays one of the most important. Sometimes we need to recruit new candidates quickly and unexpectedly. Therefore, the possibility to receive immediate applications, in line with our needs, strengthens our relationship with JCU, based on trust and respect."

September, 2019

"Prospettive Mediterranee is one of the founding bodies of RIDE-APS, charged with carrying out the management and coordination service of the Secretariat of RIDE-APS. The RIDE-APS brings together public and private organizations and bodies in order to foster dialogue and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
We found in John Cabot University a great partner that has provided us with curious, dynamic and enthusiast interns, able to move in the complex field of international cooperation and always ready to challenge themselves in order to do their best for the association. We offered our interns the possibility to put their studies into practice, as well as to test their interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Everyone has always been interested in facing the assigned projects with excellent motivation. The students provided to us by JCU bring in fresh ideas and diverse points of view. We pride ourselves in learning from them while they also learn from us."

August, 2019

"It is a pleasure working with the Career Services Center. Thanks to their precious collaboration, we have hosted several successful internships throughout the Embassy.
We have had valuable and dedicated student interns who gained meaningful experience and provided high-level assistance to the various Embassy sections. We will certainly continue hosting JCU students as our student interns."

July, 2019

"The Career Services Center has opened the doors to John Cabot University, the hub of young professionals ready to face humanitarian work and volunteering. For three years in a raw, we participated in Career Fairs and the JCU events, which have always ended with the creation of fruitful networks and the discovery of exceptional young talents, guided by the immense enthusiasm for human rights. The interns we met and hired continue to collaborate with us, developing their projects, co-managing the interventions to reducing the social conflicts, involving their valuable knowledge in support of migrants around the world. JCU helped us to enrich our family of professionals, becoming our precious partner."

June, 2019

"Thanks to our work with JCU Career Services, we have been given a chance to expand on our organization ideas, solutions, and reach.We work with students sharing with them the basis of company operations, research and advocacy techniques, and how to analyze data properly. The students provided to us by JCU bring in fresh ideas and diverse points of view. We pride ourselves in learning from them while they also learn from us. We have found the Career Services department to be an extremely beneficial resource of knowledge and new blood for the company, with the students always ready to learn and grow. The students we have chosen to hire have taken pride in their work and excelled within the company. We thoroughly enjoy working with JCU students and the environment that they provide, watching them either grow within the company or take their knowledge elsewhere after their time with us. The Career Services staff constantly follows our work and promptly provides the right profiles for our needs, while also meeting the needs of their students to experience and grow."

May, 2019

"We have been collaborating with John Cabot University since the beginning of our business in 2016.
Thanks to the constant support provided by the Center for Career Services, we had the opportunity to interview and select brilliant interns, in the fields of Marketing, Art, Business, and Communications. We offered our interns the possibility to put their studies into practice, as well as to test their interpersonal and problem solving skills. Everyone has always been motivated and ready to face the assigned projects with excellent availability. We also hired a candidate immediately after the internship.
It is also important to emphasize that a great part of our customers is made of students, who, thanks to our partnerships with their universities, can participate in our activities. Therefore, it is vital for us to have among our ranks young people who, during their internship with us, keep us constantly updated on the trends and needs of this market sector. We are very satisfied with this collaboration and we hope that it will last for a long time."


December, 2018

"We started collaborating with the Career Service Center, thanks to one of John Cabot University's alumni, Serena Montefusco. It has been a year now that we have strengthened our collaboration with the Career Service Center. Thanks to their constant commitment, students have the possibility to increase their professional skills in an international and multicultural environment, such as the UNESCO Chair. It is enlightening how much we can learn and benefit from these students. We found all of them were well prepared, multilingual and ready to accept the challenges of the working place. We are very happy and we wish that our collaboration with the Career Service Center, that always guided us in choosing the best, will last over time."

November, 2018

"The collaboration with John Cabot University's students has brought significant benefits to our technological Tour Operator, thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Career Service Center for its students.
The students we selected to be part of our staff are endowed with great reliability, scientific preparation, high-level multilingual knowledge, motivation, and will to learn.
Thanks to the synergies born from the aforementioned collaboration, our Tour Operator has been awarded several 5-star-excellence certificates.
A very special thanks to the Career Service Center, which always responds to our needs with targeted solutions and maximum efficiency. Moreover, we thank the students who contribute every day to the growth of our business."

October, 2018

"UniCamillus is an international university of Health and Medical Sciences, open to students from all over the world, just like John Cabot University. We have found in John Cabot University not only affinity of vision, but also a precious ally to continue to work on a dynamic and innovative educational project. Our aim is to provide our students with the best quality courses and practical skills to face today's world and job market. This is also confirmed by our experience in recruiting young graduates from John Cabot University through the excellent mediation of the university's Center for Career Services. We have found outstanding employees, who have become essential to our staff because of their ability to understand our organizational problems and to be efficiently committed. Furthermore, they showed competence in areas such as Marketing and Business Administration since the beginning of their experience. This not only thanks to their soft skills, but also thanks to their educational path at John Cabot University. Their preparation allowed them to feel comfortable in our organization, where, just like at JCU, commitment, operability and the educational mission are everything that matters."

June, 2018

"Our collaboration with John Cabot University stems from the need for an exchange of knowledge. OCOCO has the opportunity to interface with young people of different nationalities and cultures, seeing our company through their eyes. At the same time, the students of John Cabot University get the opportunity to work directly with the clients of OCOCO applying their skills and knowledge, and, above all, testing their emotional capability to solve problems or propose new ideas. All this is made possible thanks to the initiative of the John Cabot University, which acts as a bridge between students and OCOCO."

February, 2018

"Our collaboration with John Cabot University started in early 2017, when we were looking for a professional to join our company as a consultant. The Center for Career Services proved to be very reliable and effective throughout the research and selection process. We had the luck to meet and talk to many young motivated and competent graduates. We finally hired a talented professional, who successfully fit into the organization and is today a key element of our team. Following this first success, the Center for Career Services gave us the opportunity to deliver a presentation of our company and our work to a group of very interested and brilliant students. We hope – and strongly believe so – our collaboration will continue as successfully over the following years."


July, 2017

"yourCFO has proudly been John Cabot University's partner for some time now. We immediately established a good synergy because we share the same values. JCU combines the best of American philosophy, in terms of pragmatism, meritocracy, immediacy and special attention for skills development: this is also part of yourCFO's DNA. Case studies, interactions and contaminations in an international environment make the student's learning process extremely rich and dynamic, including an apparently more technical subject such as Finance. On this note, the Center for Career Services deserves a commendation for offering JCU students not only many work opportunities, but also tutoring, ranging from seminars about the job market to individual coaching and counseling, going beyond the student's mere academic path."

May, 2017

"The collaboration between Elidea Psicologi Associati and John Cabot University has developed throughout the years and has now become routine. This was made possible thanks to the Career Services Center, with whom we share goals, professional attitude, and the commitment to create employment and self-promoting opportunities for students. Those students that worked as interns in our company always had meaningful educational experiences and got the chance to know the context, behaviors, and skills needed in the fields of Human Resources, Management, and Marketing."

January, 2017

"The combination of BizUp and John Cabot University has proved to be very successful: this is testified by the numerous internships obtained by JCU students, which, very often, turned into stable collaborations. All JCU students showed a positive attitude, curiosity, and very high quality standards; having them working here in our company has been a very important competitive advantage for us. The most striking characteristic of JCU students is their capacity to get promptly into the business dynamics, in spite of their young age. This is a very relevant aspect for a dynamic and growing environment such as ours. Furthermore, we know we can always count on the rapidity and efficiency of the Center for Career Services: a special thanks goes to them, for the help and support they have always given us."


August, 2016

"Our first collaboration with John Cabot University dates back to several years ago. Over time we have welcomed many interns. Undergraduates and graduates from the university have joined out Quality Management, Administration and Front Offices. Some of them have also had access to employment opportunities, thereby consolidating their internship experience. Rocco Forte Hotels considers the collaboration with JCU as valuable opportunity for exchange and sharing of young resources, this is all thanks to the efficiency of their Career Services Center."

August, 2016

"The collaboration between Randstad Italia and John Cabot University only started in May 2016. However, from the very beginning, we discovered we are sharing the same kind of values, including careful attention to young people and their professional path and development. The Center for Career Services at John Cabot University is incredibly able to make projects and ideas concrete. As for now, this mutual dedication is leading us to significant results, such as the development of several special lectures, seminars and workshops for the students, as well as the implementation of GOAL, which are student group projects as orientation to the job market with our division "[email protected]". Our ambition is to go on with this agreement, expanding the opportunities day by day, pleasantly doing so with such a dedicated and reliable partner."

July, 2016

"Over the past years, the British School at Rome has had the privilege to work with many talented students from John Cabot University. As Fine Art interns, the students play an important role in the running of our Visual Art Residency Programme, working alongside our Visual Art Residency and Programme Curator, Marco Palmieri, and our numerous award holders. This exchange has proven time and time again to be a fruitful one, not only for our interns, but also for our award holders, who have been able to rely on their constant support."

July, 2016

"We have recently started our collaboration with John Cabot University by choosing one of its students to work in our company. I was positively impressed by the Career Services for its availability, compared to the Career Services of Italian universities. Foreign companies like ours need students who speak English perfectly, and John Cabot is one of the best resources for this purpose. Considering their young age, the students we interviewed showed to be professional, reliable, mature, and self-confident. Unfortunately, not enough universities offer classes in English in order to help students acquire fluent knowledge of this language. John Cabot Universities is one of these and stands out for its high-quality organization and professors. I hope this will be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration."

July, 2016

"In mid-2013, once I was appointed European Politics Manager and Coordinator of Active Citizenship's Network, one of the first decisions I took was to sign an agreement with John Cabot University, offering its students six-month internships in our headquarters in Rome and Brussels. This demonstrates that I strongly believe in this kind of experience, especially for students coming from different countries in the world, such as those at John Cabot. We hope for a long-term collaboration with John Cabot, given the successful internship experiences, the applications we receive, students' high-level education and interest in the work we do."


September, 2015

"We have been collaborating with John Cabot Career Services Center for about two years now and we have established a wonderful relationship with both the Center and the students. In spite of their young age, the students who worked with us in these years always showed to be reliable, willing to learn, and adaptable to the dynamic and ever-changing environment of our start-up, helping our internationalization process. We consider our collaboration with John Cabot and its students a perfect example of a win-win situation and an important asset in our strategy for our international growth."

August, 2015

"A quick note to thank the Center for Career Services of John Cabot for introducing me to Emily & Janelle. Both girls were absolutely outstanding during their internships with Luxe this semester– dedicated, resourceful, creative, hardworking and willing to learn.
It was an absolute delight working with them both and has been an enriching experience not only for the company but also for me personally. An A+ experience!"