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Students who are following the pre-Fall 2016 major, can review these requirements.

The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing provides a comprehensive education in business and marketing. In keeping with the tradition of American business education, the program provides students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds with a challenging business curriculum in the context of a dynamic learning environment.

We offer numerous merit-based Presidential Scholarships and need-based Assistance Grants.

Bachelor of Arts IN MARKETING

The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing was designed to prepare students to enter the field of marketing by combining the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills required in today’s world. The curriculum of the major provides students with a firm base in the core conceptual fields for a marketing professional, including the study of market dynamics and consumer behavior theories, the comprehension of the marketing strategy scope, and the specific operation fields such as product and service management, communication and branding efforts, pricing decisions and distribution/value chain/demand management.

JCU Marketing students also have the opportunity to earn a Double Bachelors' Degree with Pace University (NYC), a leading AASCB-accredited business school located in the Financial District (near Wall Street) of New York City.

The final course of the marketing program is a capstone course in Strategic Marketing Management. This course is taken by students in their senior year to integrate the principles, concepts, and techniques developed in earlier core courses. In this course, students develop skills in diagnosing marketing problems, formulating and selecting strategic alternatives, and recognizing problems inherent to strategy implementation. The development of a comprehensive marketing plan is a major requirement of the course.

Degree requirements for the B.A. in Marketing.


Students graduating from John Cabot University with a B.A. degree in Marketing will have acquired knowledge and skills that will allow them to pursue many different career paths, such as:

  • Marketing management positions of leading international corporations
  • Positions in strategic marketing and operational marketing
  • Advertising and promotion positions
  • Marketing research analysts
  • Business Consulting
  • Management of family businesses
  • Entrepreneurship and start-ups
  • Management of non-profit organizations and social enterprises

Many of our students decide to pursue graduate studies at prestigious universities such as the London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Cass Business School, HEC Paris, ESCP Business School, Grenoble École de Management, MIP Politecnico di Milano, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm Business School, Yonsei University, and Purdue University, among others.


Students of Marketing are provided with a great number of opportunities to develop their professional skills outside the classroom, always under a careful supervision and guidance provided to them by professors. They develop business skills, for instance, through working on consulting projects for real companies with Learn-Do-Share and JERO International Consulting, becoming a member of JCU’s Business Club, JCU’s Marketing Club or through an internship provided by JCU’s Center for Career Services, which is a career starting point for many of our students.

We collaborate closely with the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship to prepare students for a successful entrepreneurial career or a career in a start-up. Our students develop an entrepreneurial mindset by taking one of many entrepreneurship-related courses, connecting with start-ups from our network, and participating in international entrepreneurship competitions, such as Enactus.


Francesco Panella  

Hospitality for the Future by John Cabot University & Antica Pesa,” is a challenge to create a sustainable hospitality model for the food industry.

Liu Jo  

Liu Jo company representatives gave a talk on human resources in retail in the context of Professor Antonella Salvatore’s course “Retailing applied to fashion.” 


Professor Antonella Salvatore welcomed Carolina Zappa, Risk Advisory Consultant at Deloitte, for a talk on “Consulting Jobs & Careers in the Post COVID Era.”



JCU's Career Services Office connects students with hundreds of competitive internships per semester. By taking advantage of these services, students will graduate from college having already completed an internship working in their desired field. Our students and graduates recently completed internships at Deloitte, Comunità Ambiente, and CRMpartners.

Giovanna Pino  

During my last semester at JCU, I decided to apply for a for-credit internship at the JCU Center for Career Services. Read Giovanna Pino's Testimonial

Chiara Di Vito  

I had the opportunity to do an internship at “Assodonna,” an organization that focuses on the power of women in technology, art, and culture. Read Chiara Di Vito's Testimonial

Giorgia Cappelletti  

I did a one-year Internship at the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers). Read Giorgia Cappelletti's Testimonial