Recreational Activities at JCU

The Athletics Department at John Cabot University offers a variety of activities in order to help students lead a healthy life. These activities are all subject to change.

Outdoor Education:
John Cabot University is now offering several forms of outdoor education in order to promote leadership skills, team building, athleticism and personal wellness. The new program includes hiking in some of Italy’s most fascinating locations, as well as surfing along the beautiful Italian coast.

Intramural – Pick Up Games
The intramural activities offer a way to have fun and meet new people while practicing sports. JCU offers the possibility to play basketball, dodge ball, beach volleyball and five-a-side soccer. All students can sign up for activities in the John Cabot Fitness Center and will receive e-mails with more details. The Athletics department always provides transportation to the fields.

Other Activities (external agreements)
JCU has external agreements for all activities that cannot take place on Campus. Please notice that all external agreements require a participation fee each time you use the facility. Payment must be carried out directly to the facility. JCU has agreements for the following activities: Aikido, Outdoor Basketball, Cricket, Crossfit, Yoga, Lacrosse, Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation, Paintball, Sailing, Swimming, and Tennis.