Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Lee Eales Testimonial

3rd-year Undergraduate student in Classical and Historical Archaeology, University of Sheffield
Lee EalesIn September 2013, I had the privilege of being part of the Alberese field school in the heart of Tuscany. The dig is run by highly professional people who are both welcoming and supportive. Both co-directors and supervisors were more than happy to answer any questions and were constantly keeping everyone informed regarding the archaeological process.

The dig is a world-class project that speaks for itself. It is constantly challenging the academic models in place for the late Roman economy. On a personal note I was able to learn all about stratigraphy, how to deal with multiple complex contexts in the same area and a host of other skills that will serve me well throughout my intended archaeological career.

In addition to this, the dig takes place in a fantastic setting, with great food, wine and Italian people. All in all, this was a fantastic experience and one that I certainly hope I will be able to repeat in the future.